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Rally car Championship - Press


Honda competed in the Rally Car Championship so we had to have a press ad ready for the Monday after the weekend race in case they won, which they did on 2 occasions.

We had a third one ready (my favourite) for the race which was on the Sunday. It is simply said ‘Sunday roast’. Typically they never won that one!

Drugs - Press


This ad was produced for FHM magazine (now defunct) and aimed solely at young trendy ‘geezers’ with some money to spend, hence the cheeky, near-the-mark headline.

A mechanic’s dream - Press


Honda had a reputation of having one of the most reliable engines around which meant you rarely saw one in a garage. This meant just one thing - the mechanics never got a chance to take a good look under it. Unless curiosity got the better of them and they asked for a little peep!

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