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“One of the finest creative minds I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with, Tony is a top guy. Not just full of enthusiasm and charm, but also brilliant, insightful and imaginative thinking that leads to great creative ideas. He inspires everyone around him and his passion is there for all to see, especially when talking to clients. The advertising business would be a dull place without characters like Snowy!”

Paul Faulds, Creative Director – McCann

“Tony is an absolute mensch. A talented, masterful AD of the old school who values ideas and craft above politicking and bluster. He's a great guy to work with and a thoroughly decent human too: someone who takes time for others and looks for ways to pay it forward. When things get a little slow in adland and I wonder how bad it is, I check to see if Snowy is booked. He pretty much always is." 

Jake Dearlove, Freelance Creative Director/Copywriter




“Always a joy to work with, always full of superb, insightful ideas, always great with clients, Tony is a top-class creative. Every time I've worked with him, there's been the same dedication to detail, and an endless quest for quality. He's a safe pair of hands with production too, which makes him even more valuable. Whatever you're looking for, he'll sort it.”

Nick Moffatt, Freelance Creative Director/Copywriter




“I’ve known Tony for over 20 years and have worked with him, and more recently, for him, on many projects (B2C and B2B). It’s always a pleasure teaming up with Snowy, as he is known to his friends. I can count on him to be professional and cooperative, and doggedly determined to crack a brand or marketing challenge. I know that his enthusiasm and good humour will get us through those moments of dark despair on the really tough briefs. I’m confident that his ability to think strategically as well as creatively, combined with his exceptional art directional skills, will help us create great work for our clients.”

Dean Turney, Freelance Copywriter




“I count myself incredibly lucky to have worked with the Indomitable Snowman while at TCA. Tony is an ideas man par excellence and a brilliant art director. Energetic, passionate and totally focussed on creating really interesting and relevant work, Mr Snow is also a fabulous teller of jokes and sidesplitting anecdotes. He’s very much the life and soul of the party. The drive of the man knows no bounds. This said, he’s also a brilliant mentor with students, and his enthusiasm is infectious.”

Alex Pearl, Writer/owner Alex Pearl Ltd



Client Services


"I hired Tony Snow to help bring discipline, leadership and process to our planning, creative process and studio. He‘s a strong, creative leader and mentor that quickly built the trust and respect of both clients and the team, improving workflow and the quality of creative work. Tony nurtures and defends creative ideas and supports talent within the agency I look forward to the opportunity to work with Tony in the future."

Stephen Waddington, Managing Director – Metia




"Leader. Inventor. Idea Engine. Mentor. Writer. Teacher. Teamster. Organizer. Friend. West Ham Supporter. So a solid 9/10."

Paul Burcher, Creative Planner - Metia




"I worked with Tony aka Snowy on Barclaycard and found him to be one of the funniest, down to earth, knowledgable and talented creatives I've ever met. He has a wealth of brand and sector experience and is always on the pulse with culture and customer behaviour. I loved his willingness to adopt new ways of working, a trait that is often lacking in this industry. As well as being great at big ideas, he's also a consummate craftsman. I consider Tony a mentor, friend and one of the good guys. I count myself lucky to have worked with him in the past and hopefully will do so again in the future."

Mitul Chauhan, Business Director



"Tony has an incredible ability to direct and interrogate a creative brief in order to get the best results possible. During his time at Metia he has supported the creative team immensely and helped push the boundaries of the agency's creative output into new directions. He's a pleasure to work with, dedicated to doing a good job, and definitely not afraid to work until the best possible result is achieved."

Matt Robinson, Account Director – Metia



“I've had the absolute pleasure of working with Tony on a number of occasions and am constantly on the hunt for new briefs to get him in on. He's my (not so) secret weapon; with his reams of experience I know that whatever my creative problem is to solve, Tony will have an answer that knocks it out of the park time and time again. He's super collaborative, great with clients and fun to grab vino with too at the end of the day. Thanks Tony, see you soon."

Victoria Newlands, Global Business Director - Ogilvy Group



“I worked with Tony on many projects including a major international pitch where he was lead creative (which we won). He's got great energy and a real enthusiasm for the creative product, but he's always happy to talk about the idea and is a real team player. We worked across both advertising, direct and digital channels, and Tony always seemed comfortable coming up with ideas that were flexible enough to work in many different ways."

Kevin Allen, Head of Strategy, P&G EMEA - Publicis




“Tony Snow is one of the most loveable characters in advertising. He’s got charm, he’s got banter, he's got great ideas. The man has talent, he’s a top bloke, when he’s not been in for a while we miss him. What more could you want?”

Nick Myers, Founder – Loveable





Creative Services


“I have worked with Tony on and off for over twenty years, he is the ultimate professional who gives every project 110% effort. His is honest, reliable and most importantly one of the nicest people you could meet. Without a doubt Tony is one of the best Art Directors I have worked with."

Neil Kaas, Creative Services Director - McCann Healthcare



“Tony is one of the best freelance art directors that I have worked with. Always thinking outside the box on conceptual briefs, and great direction on Executional work It is a great shame that we could not employ him. I would recommend Tony to any employer."

Barry Hunter, Freelance Creative Service Director



“I have had the pleasure of working with Tony across an integrated campaign, on a flagship account. In short, he smashed it! Tony’s work speaks for itself. He passionately cares about the output and comes up with imaginative ideas and solutions. It also helps that he is a sound gentleman with a great sense of humour, I would happily recommend him.”

Leuvon van der Leeuw, Senior Project Manager – McCann London





Creative Directors

“Tony is a pro. His combination of true creativity, attention to detail and client-facing charm made my job very easy."

Andy Davis, Creative Director - Ogilvy & Mather




"Tony is one of those sought after creatives who just seem to know what they're doing. No matter what the brief, Tony's approach always results in really great ideas. And over the years, we've cracked some pretty challenging briefs - the last one we won an award for. I've always found it a pleasure to work with Tony and his attitude to work, life and creative is somewhat infectious - in a good way. I look forward to working with Tony again in the very near future."

Andrew Pogson, Associate Creative Director - MRM McCann

“Snowy has worked at (and learned from) nearly all the top brand, direct and digital agencies in London. And as such, he’s the consummate through-the-line creative. You can see from his portfolio that he delivers the goods and knows how to carry and craft an idea through any channel. What you can’t see is that he’s a thoroughly nice chap, a great presenter, a natural with clients and as a freelancer he behaves more like a permanent member of staff with his enthusiastic drive to produce great work rather than leave at five thirty on the dot."

Rob Kavanagh, Executive Creative Director - Oliver

“Tony is a great media neutral creative who can create large platform ideas in different channels. He always leverages new technology and makes ideas that people want to spend time with." 

Guy Bradbury, Founding Creative Partner - Atomic




“Tony is a very talented, amazingly passionate and thoroughly hard-working art director. His energy, dedication and determination to do great work are clear for all to see. I saw him simultaneously as a colleague, mentor and friend - and he was/is outstanding in all three roles."

Ant Melder, Executive Creative Director - Havas Australia

“Tony is one of those rare creatives who brings both experience and passion to every job he works on. Which is why I hired him to help me drive TMS's integration forward. His ideas are always imaginative and he won't rest until the executions have been crafted to his exacting standards. More than that though, Tony really cares about not just the work, but the agency he's at. He proactively looks to mentor and develop junior talent, as well as constantly striving to find new ways to make his agency a more creative and inspiring place to work."

Graham Wall, CEO-UK - Because

​ Working with Tony was an inspiration. His passion for every brief never dulled and he made sure that every piece of work was always as perfect as it possibly could be. His sense of humour isn't to be missed either!

Adam Balogh, Creative Director – BBDO San Francisco




"You know when Tony is in the room, he's no shrinking violet. And quite honestly it's what the industry needs more of. Creatives like Tony who are passionate, focused and committed to great work. We worked together at Saatchi's from '02 - '04 and during this time Tony produced some great work, the ones that stand out for me and many creative juries are: excellent work for the B2B side of P&G, completely integrated work for both the Alcoholic Beverage and Technology sectors launching Sagatiba and UK Broadband, continuous delivery of creative execution after execution in the demanding Telco sector and last but not least a couple of Lycos Top Ten viral entries which were extremely distasteful, highly motivating and successful. I completely recommend Tony, he's a great creative and a wonderful energy to have in your team."

Trefor ‘Tom’ Thomas, Chief Creative & Marketing Officer – OSTC

"Tony is a superb art director that has freelanced at Proximity many times over the last couple of years. He won a major pitch for us and worked well across all the accounts. He is very experienced and relates well to agency and client folk. I am very happy to recommend him."

Caitlin Ryan, Director – EMEA Facebook Creative Shop



"Tony is a talented, experienced and charming senior creative who is driven by great ideas working through the line. Tony is perfectly comfortable working on his own or as part of a team."

Pete Petrella, Partner – Blackbrook







"Working with Tony was an absolute pleasure, his leadership and creative guidance are second to none. It's clear that his (many ;) ) years in the business have given him a wealth of knowledge that he can lean on to extract the best solution from a brief. His views and experience are shared with good grace and humour although he has a steely edge when he thinks the creative solution is compromised. I'll miss working with him".

Laurence Kryzanek, Head of Studio - Metia




"What can I say, by god he is talented, detailed, very detailed. I love that, calm, wise, fun, down to earth and also very good at directing, any designer is lucky to work with ‘Snowy’, 1. they learn so much, 2. lovely experience and 3. your book will only improve and have work you can tell your kids and say ‘Dad done that with Snowy’... Top CD and just a brilliant human being! I can put my career on it and say hire this guy ASAP before someone else does!"

Graham Conway, Senior Integrated Designer - Freelance



“In the years that I’ve known Tony one of his many positive attributes shines brighter than all others: consistency. Without fail he delivers exciting, surprising creative solutions that demand attention. His understanding for communicating a message through digital and conventional media is second to none. Passion and integrity make Tony a genuine creative leader. I’m very  proud to have had the privilege to work closely with Tony in the past and would love to again in the future”.

Les Welch, Creative Director - Lionhouse Creative



"Tony was always a joy to work with. He cared passionately about his work, but was never to the extent of being precious which made my role all the more enjoyable and the experience a pleasure (one memorable example is the Channel 4 work). If ever the opportunity to work with him again was to happen, I would grab it with both hands."

Donnell Mitchell, Senior Designer - Oliver

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