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Re-Direction - Direct Mail


When moving house, one of the last things most of us do is redirect our mail. Not the best thing to do because it is so easy to steal someone’s identity, and leaving your post lying around makes you a soft target for identity theft. With 1 in 4 people having fallen victim to this, it was important to get the letter opened by those moving house and NOT by identity thieves!


Our distinctive ‘inside-out mailing’ dramatised how easy it is for potential fraudsters to see the contents of someone’s post if it is left lying around and not re-directed. To quote another brand, 'it does exactly what it says on the tin'.


For those of you into your stats, there was an 11.1% response rate to cold rental data (compared to the industry average of 3.4%) and delivered an ROI of 434%. Not bad eh? 


Oh, and the judges at the DMA’s thought it worth a Bronze.

Window of opportunity - Direct Mail 


Royal Mail wanted to talk to small businesses about how effective DM can be. What better way than to physically demonstrate it to them. We devised a pack that showed all of the different windows of opportunity a DM piece can provide. Whether that be a small DL size envelope or an A4 one, this pack opened up into a series of different letter window sizes, cleverly highlighting the versatility of the medium.

It wasn't just small business owners who were happy. The John Caples International Awards jury took the opportunity to make it a Finalist.

Ad Mail - Microsite 


How do you market an efficient new direct mail service to a chronically busy, budget-pressured marketer?  With a microsite that lets them control the amount of messages they see.


The Microsite is a unique and original idea that tailors the info according to how much time you have. Our microsite offers you the chance to read exactly the amount of info you have time for at that precise moment in the day. 


And how do you do that? Simply by moving the slider bar along, where you’ll literally see the information become more detailed as you scroll sideways.

Have a play here on Rob Kavanagh's website. I haven't got the original link so Rob (with whom I created this idea with) has kindly lent me his :)

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