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Saatchi Ident
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Ident - Saatchi & Saatchi worldwide offices and online

Saatchi & Saatchi wanted be known as an ideas company. 


So while working on an idea for their new website, l was playing and experimenting with the name Saatchi. It was then that I realised that with a few movements of their letters, Saatchi spelt backwards made the word ideas.

This ident was used in every Saatchi office around the world as an introduction to their work and was constantly played in the reception of the London office to greet clients.

Saatchi’s was even going to patent it.

Grad Pack - DM and online

Every year Saatchi's send out a mailing to find the best potential new Account Executives from the student population. Only a few places are up for grabs and interest is very high so the task was to create something that would elicit responses from only the brightest candidates.

For our idea, we invited them to visit a website to find out how to get onto the Graduate Scheme. Except that when they visited the address, they were confronted by one of those dreaded “The page cannot be displayed” notices.


Or were they?

If you trawl down through the text, you’ll find that full instructions for how to join are right there down at the bottom of the page. This fooled quite a lot of students who were convinced that there was something wrong with our link.

Needless to say, those were the ones didn’t get an invite to Charlotte Street.

New Directors' Showcase
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New Directors’ Showcase - Viral

Every year, one of the high points of the Cannes Advertising Festival is Saatchi's New Directors' Showcase. And every year, someone has to make a call for entries. We did ours virally. We figured that all the young, hustling wannabe directors really want to be the next Danny Kleinmann, so why not use the real one?

The multi-talented ad director turned out to be not too shabby in the acting department as well, playing a Saatchi security guard intercepting all the entries for the New Directors' Showcase so that he wouldn't lose out on any work.

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