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The Redeemer - Fly posters and graffiti

Sagatiba is a cachaca, a fairly potent spirit from Brazil that’s used to make Caipirinha’s, a very popular cocktail with the much younger and cooler generation. 


Saatchi’s main press campaign featured the famously iconic figure of Christ the Redeemer. Our job was to create some kind of teaser for the campaign. With the target audience in mind, we went 'street' and created a stencil. He was then graffitied in the areas where the trendy bars were. Sure enough, people started taking pictures of this guy and then posting them on sites like Flickr.

A few weeks later we provided a few more clues to any curious passers-by with fly posters featuring the same figure but in different guises. Each execution was essentially a personalised poster for the bars we knew stocked Sagatiba and was placed in close vicinity.


This generated a lot of interest and it also created a massive buzz amongst the underground artists, even pissing off a lot of them that 'an ad agency' had dared intrude into their domain! It seemed to have the whole of London's artists reacting in some way or another.

It all became crystal clear with the launch of the main press campaign. There was also a BBC documentary called ‘Inside Saatchi & Saatchi’ all about the genesis of the campaign. And yes, we were on it! Albeit for something like 15 seconds. And even the maverick company, Jack Liberties who worked with us on this guerilla campaign added it as a case study in their book and on their website.


And to cap it all off, our stencil was even included in a London Street Art book that included the likes of Banksy.

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