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 Pitch Theatre

A week before the Wickes pitch, we had a 'tissue' meeting with the client . We placed some tools and materials, bought from one of their warehouses, on the table in the meeting room. They thought it was just a token gesture. After the Account Handler and Planner had presented on Power Point, I presented the creative work on lining paper!

I had our work drawn on to it by an illustrator and I added some little touches like tea stains and other markings. Then we gave the clients some pencils (real carpenters ones) so they could write down their comments next to the work.

A week later in the real pitch, we added a little more pitch theatre that included a sign that read Pitch under construction, and a team photo of us wearing hard hats. But we left the best for last. As the presentation was on a Friday afternoon, it meant that they had the weekend to forget us.

So over the weekend, I made a wooden pallet and on Monday, to make sure we were still in their thoughts, we sent them boards of the creative work, 2 big Power Point presentations of all the work, 4 jointly branded mugs with builders tea bags and a packet of digestives all on the pallet.

Delivered to their offices wrapped in cellophane.

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